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Environment – our responsibility

To reduce CO2 emissions we prefer to buy raw materials, auxiliary materials and additives locally. Environment-friendly auxiliary power units of the latest generation use energy-saving potentials. Rejects are segregated, ground and made available to the recycling loop.

The plant manager, graduate engineer Dietmar Kaupert comments: A second mainstay becomes more and more important. This sector has little to do with cartridges, the know-how, however, qualifies us as a partner for the industry for so called Customized Solutions. We call this sector “Plastic Engineering” and work closely with industry and research. To optimize injection moulded plastic parts is a challenge for the future, e.g. the variety of applications in the light of dwindling resources. The so called Light Weighting (reducing weight by the reduction of wall thickness) becomes more and more popular. It’s not just a matter of saving the consumer’s money by means of an appropriate and cheap packaging; it is also a question of saving increasingly scarce resources. In our production, e.g. sprue waste and start-up scrap are collected separately, shredded and fed to the recycling process. From this secondary raw material, alternative products as e.g. spacers for laying tiles, are made. It becomes more and more urgent to produce energy-efficiently. In this context, the term “carbon footprint” is used more frequently. This term stands for the emission and the reduction of CO2 which damages the atmosphere. As far as possible, Schieferdecker purchases raw and auxiliary materials as well as packaging materials regionally to avoid long transport routes and to protect the environment.